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A bit more about us!

This is how all began...

Our Australian Story

It all began with an internet search for baby gifts. 

We knew we wanted genuine Australian-made products, but they were harder to find than we had anticipated, with the majority of online products designed and made in China... 

So we made it our mission to get ethically sourced, sustainably produced Australian-made babywear and toys into the hands of as many Aussie families as possible - and just like that, My Chiqui World was born.

We have a passion for creativity and individuality, and our goal is to help you bring these qualities to the chiqui person in your life.

As a small Australian business, based in Victoria, we’re also committed to working with other small businesses.

Meet the Owners

Hi Guys! I am Tiffany.

I was born in France and grew up in a small country town near the border with Spain. 

I spent 7 years working in a baby department store, developing an eye for trends in the sector, and in 2020, I decided to launch my own business.

We decided on the name My Chiqui World, “chiqui” being the Spanish word for “little”, a relic of Tiffany’s Spanish heritage.

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Hey! I'm Elliott.

I’m an Electrician and Co-Founder of My Chiqui World.

After 25 years in the same Australian town, I’ve developed a strong sense of community and belonging.

Now, I want to share that sentiment with you as a member of our online family.

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We hope that you love our collection as much as we do, because your little one deserves the best!

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